Beach Wedding Favors

Every bride-to-be is stressed before her wedding. There are so many choices to be made and the time always seems to not be enough. One of the things the soon-to-be married couple should do is to choose a theme for the wedding. You’ve probably watched at least one movie, where the wedding took place on the beach. It is romantic, cute, funny and fabulous. Whether it is on the beach or the setting just reminds of it, you will definitely need a cute beach wedding favor.

Beach Wedding Favors

What is a beach wedding favor?

Sadly, the happy couple is not giving away some beach, somewhere over the rainbow. However, the beach wedding favor can be even better then owning your one beach. Yeah, private beach, sun and relax sounds great, but a small, but yet memorable favor is something to be excited about. The beach wedding favor is there to remind you, not only of the wedding itself, but also where it had taken place.

Types of beach wedding favors

One of the most fascinating types of beach wedding favors is a beach frame. It can contain a picture of the happy couple or it can be empty, so your guests can decide what picture to put in it. Every time they look at the picture, they will see the frame; hence they will remember your special day. Then there is the candle beach wedding favor. It is beautiful, small and useful. When talking about candles, we can’t forget to mention the not so famous lanterns. Probably people are usually confused by the fact, that usually lanterns are big, but in this case there are small and practical, not to say beautiful. Of course, a bottle opener is also a great favor. Even people, who do not drink alcohol, can use it to open their soft drinks. This beach wedding favor is not only useful, but fun. There is a huge variety of shapes and colors to every type of beach wedding favor, and each and one of them will make your guests’ experience almost as special as yours.

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