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Candle Wedding Favors

With your big day coming up, you’re probably wondering how much money to spend on details. There are a lot of favors that are not expensive. But, do not think they are no good. Actually, sometimes with less money you can buy more. The other big question is – what kind of a wedding favor to ch [...]

Coaster Wedding Favors

A coaster wedding favor is something small, but yet it has a great impact on your guests. It can serve well as a place to put your glass on. But, it is so much more. The coaster wedding favor is a nice and elegant touch to your wedding day. Why do you need it? There are a few answers to this p [...]

The Cutest Wedding Favor

Wedding Bell Favors What more perfect than a dazzling bell favors? Nothing. They are small, elegant and classy. The bells will be a constant reminder of your special day. Your guest will definitely enjoy them, and not only on your wedding day. Ringing the bells is not just for fun. It is a traditio [...]

Bookmark Wedding Favors

Weddings can be stressful, especially for the bride-to-be. When all the big choices are made, it is time to choose a wedding favor. It is a little detail, but also a great present. Of course, there are so many choices, that one can be easily overwhelmed. Why should you choose a bookmark wedding fav [...]

Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are probably even more joyful then weddings. You know that soon you will add another member to your happy family and want to share your happiness with your closest friends. How can you show your bliss? Answer- with a gift. Choosing a baby shower favor Most baby showers have themes, so [...]

Crystal and Glass Wedding Favors

Your special day is soon and you haven’t decided on a wedding favor yet? Don’t worry. Sure, there are lots of favors to choose from, but whatever you select; you would be making the right choice. When you choose a wedding favor, one of the most important things you should think about, is the [...]

The Ultimate Wedding Favor

Wedding favor boxes are not among the most popular choices for a special day, such as wedding. Usually, people are confused about this favor. This is mostly because, when someone hears the word box or container, he or she thinks of something very big. For example, a box can be as big as a shoes box [...]

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