Popular Candle Favors

It is almost time for your wedding and you’re wondering how much money to save on details. When it comes to details the answer is only one – don’t save, spend! What more perfect than a candle wedding favor?

Why is it important to have a candle wedding favor?

When you have large tables and 5 to 6 people sitting on it, you need something creative to stand out for. Sure, it’s your wedding, but is that enough in these days? Your guests will be exploring the table as soon as they sit on it. They will see the plates, glasses and hopefully your card place holders, with their names written on the place cards. After that, they will see bottles and flowers and will probably be fascinated by the colors, you used for the table-cloth and everything on it. Now, imagine you have a candle wedding favor. It will take about a minute or two of your guest’s time, but will stay in their memory forever.

Candle Wedding Favors

Why would your guests pay attention to your candle wedding favor?

First of all, this will be a very noticeable thing on your table. Second, it is considered one of the most romantic wedding favors of all times. Romance is the driving thing in a wedding and it is nice to add a little detail, that represents the word itself. No bride-to-be wants to imagine something bad happening on her wedding day. But, sometimes these things happen, and you better be prepared. What if, at one moment there is no power. Sure, if you have a live band, it can save the situation with the music. The darkness, however, will remain. Here is where your candle wedding favor comes to the rescue. Considering, you actually put candles in the candle wedding favors, you can ask the waiters to light them.

How do I choose the right candle wedding favor?

This is probably the easiest part. There are so many choices. First, you should definitely decide on a theme for the wedding. After that, you would have a clearer mind of what you will need.


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